Science Museum Group Journal

The Science Museum Group Journal presents the global research community with peer-reviewed papers relevant to the wide-ranging work of the Science Museum Group. The journal freely shares the research of four national UK museums and warmly invites contributions that resonate with their collections and practice.

04 CURRENT ISSUE Autumn 2015 - Issue 04

Cover of the Cosmonauts exhibition catalogue depicting a soviet poster of a woman reaching to space with the moon and a space rocket visible in the sky

Issue 04 of the Journal collates an interesting mix of original research and discussion articles, as well as a book review and an exhibition review. The content reflects the recent opening and acclamation awarded to the new Cosmonauts exhibition, with one article that reflects on the challenges of curating such an exhibition and another that analyses the modern interest in space tourism. We also have two articles which research historic Leonardo da Vinci exhibitions and their associated models and objects. Other articles focus on new methods in sustainable storage of museum collections, early microphone recording techniques relating to the Nightingale broadcasts, a favourable review of a new Lovelace and Babbage illustrated novel, and a review of one author’s visit to the Fairfield Heritage Centre.