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Selection of science centres and museums in the sample

We defined the following criteria in order to identify a comparable group of institutions for analysis. The science centre or museum to be selected:

•    is established in a country of the European Union;
•    has a national relevance, either by statute (i.e. being defined as 'the national centre/museum') or by visitation (attracting a substantial number of visitors from outside the city/region);
•    has a significant number of exhibitions and ongoing programmes on issues of contemporary science and technology;
•    has taken part in at least two European collaborative projects in the past five years.

From the resulting list of 15 institutions we formed a sample with seven institutions, ensuring a broad and balanced geographical spread and representativeness of the different situations in regards to science communication culture and public involvement in science and technology (Mejlgaard and Stares, 2012; Rask et al., 2012).

The full list of institutions and the selection matrix is reported in Table 7; highlighted in yellow are the selected institutions.


Table 7 Selection criteria for the sample of institutions


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Component DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15180/150306/006