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Benefits of using lime

Despite the potential environmental impact of limestone mining and lime production, there are many benefits to using lime. It is vapour permeable, which enhances control of RH and reduces the potential for mould growth and condensation; it has low thermal conductivity and can act as a massive thermal heat store; it is alkaline, inhibiting mould growth and insect activity; it is long-lasting; it is fire and water resistant; it can easily be recycled or absorbed back into the land without toxicity (Rhydwen, 2009). Hydrated lime mortar is known for being self-healing’; as it cures slowly through carbonation[2], it can adjust to early building movement. If appropriate wet-dry cycles are available, the calcium compounds can reprecipitate into cracks, then continue the carbonation process (Lubelli et al, 2011).

Component DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15180/150405/008