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Co-creating our new format

In the spirit of our nineteenth-century periodical predecessors, we would like to offer a useful space for the reproduction and communication of content relevant to our readers. And we would like to do this in a way that fosters open-ended debate. This editorial is intended as a starting point, but we need the input of our reading communities to decide what the forms and functions of this section will be in the new contexts of the digital age. We are offering the forum; it is now up to you to help us define the format.


How to carry on the conversation

There are two options to express your thoughts about the content and shape of this review section:

1.    Write to reviews@sciencemuseum.ac.uk
2.    Discuss via the twitter handle @ResearchSMG


Figure 3

Typewritten page from Science Gossip entitled Notices to Correspondents from 1866

Notices to Correspondents, Science Gossip Vol. 2, January 1866

Component DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15180/170816/006