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A letter from Alaska

Figure 3

Letter from a nine year old to Andre Geim asking about his floating frog experiment

Letter from Alaska, about 1997. Jennifer Miller, a girl from Alaska, was inspired by Andre’s levitating frog experiment. On loan from Professor Andre Geim

The fact that this research inspired people it is clear to see in a handwritten letter sent to Andre by Jennifer, a little girl from Alaska. She writes: ‘Dear Andre Geim, I am very interested in how you got the frog to float. Could you send me some information about your experiments. I am 9 years old and want to become a scientist. Thank you.’ Andre kept this letter, proud that his research had been so inspiring. This letter is another example of the objects which can be unearthed as a result of developing a relationship with some of the key individuals featured in an exhibition. This letter was mentioned to one of the curators during a conversation with Geim. This example demonstrates the curatorial expertise in searching for and selecting material culture which may be tangential to the central story – in this case the isolation of graphene – yet illuminates a certain aspect of the story, making it easier for visitors to engage with the exhibition content. 

Component DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15180/181004/006