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Sharing the discovery

Our measurements delivered news well beyond the Scotch tape technique, which persuaded many researchers to join in the graphene rush (Geim, 2010, p 88).

The preceding objects told stories about the personality and approach of the scientists who discovered graphene. However, at the core of the material culture of the graphene story is the physical evidence and peer-reviewed publication of research which confirmed and validated Geim and Novoselov’s initial isolation of graphene using their sticky tape method. In the UK and Europe, explains Sarah Davies, there is ‘an increasingly ingrained sense of cynicism towards – not science as such – but those who control and guide it’ (Davies, 2010, p 58). Looking carefully at the next three objects, I will argue that central to any presentation of contemporary science is transparency regarding the process by which initial experimentation leads to a legacy of respected evidence.

Component DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15180/181004/009